Home Care Sales Success: Leveraging Call Tracking

Senior care businesses use automated tech to improve their sales strategy with every inbound phone call

A graphic shows a woman on a computer, talking on the phone, representing how call tracking can positively home care sales for a senior care business.

Did you know that when someone calls your agency, you can use that phone call to identify which marketing campaigns, channels, and platforms are most likely to send interested leads your way? And you don’t even have to survey the caller.

Using call tracking, senior care businesses can use every phone call as an opportunity to bring in more qualified leads and close more sales. 

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is when a business uses software to gather and log information about inbound phone calls and the people calling. It’s a tool that your agency can use to enrich marketing strategy by analyzing “warm” leads.

With call tracking you can:

  • Gather relevant information about your leads, like name, location, contact information, the services they’re interested in, and the outcome of that phone call—like scheduling an appointment, requesting more information, or inquiring about insurance.
  • Identify the referral source to identify top marketing channels. With call tracking, you can collect information on how the lead heard about your senior care business, like PPC ad campaigns, lead nurture email campaigns, Google Business Profiles, your senior care website, or even print marketing—just about anywhere your potential clients might find you.
  • Feed that information directly into your marketing automation engine so you can make data-driven decisions to improve your campaigns.
  • Immediately start leads on their customer journey as soon as they make the first phone call—preventing valuable leads from slipping through the cracks.

Should you use call tracking for your senior care business?

There are many reasons to use call tracking technology, among them are the ability to enrich marketing campaigns and improve the sales process. This technology also lets you:

  • Improve lead conversion rates
  • Eliminate missed calls (and therefore lost leads)
  • Refine the sales process by learning what messages most resonate with potential clients
  • Optimize PPC campaigns and reduce ad waste
  • Identify the times of day your ideal clients are most likely to call
  • Improve sales scripts so your representatives are more likely to close sales
  • Collect valuable information about your ideal clients—like their location, concerns, and the campaign that led them to you—and the ones least likely to convert to paying clients.
  • More quickly score your new leads based on their qualifications to buy your services
  • Automatically add lead information into your marketing automation engine
  • Improve your marketing programs overall

How call tracking works

Call tracking happens in a few steps.

First, unique phone numbers are attached to your marketing channels. This can include landing pages, PPC campaigns, SEO pages, your website homepage, your Google Business Profile, and print marketing, or anywhere else your potential clients can find you.

Each number is different, so call tracking can identify the source. For instance, you might run a print ad campaign with one phone number and a PPC campaign with unique numbers attached to every landing page (often called click-to-call). No need to remember which number belongs to which campaign: Call tracking manages all of that.

Nor do you have to juggle a dozen phone numbers. Every inbound call is directed to your agency in one place (or two—you decide).

Then, every inbound call is routed through call-tracking software that gathers important information about the call, the caller, and their needs, like the source of the call (i.e., which landing page), the time of the call, the length of the call, the caller’s location, and whether the call was answered or sent to voicemail.

That information is logged in your marketing automation engine so it can be used to refine future marketing campaigns.

How to set up call tracking

Time to get your home care agency’s call tracking set up and your sales team selling. Here’s how:

  1. Choose the destination for inbound phone calls. For example, the department that will field client calls.
  2. Designate an agency sales representative(s) to answer incoming calls and follow-up with missed calls so no leads fall through the cracks.
  3. Set up an out-of-office voicemail to capture inbound callers when sales agents aren’t on the clock.
  4. Train your sales team on phone etiquette and teach them to master inbound phone sales.
  5. Test, track, and improve phone scripts to ensure your sales representatives are able to close sales quickly and efficiently.
  6. Monitor active campaigns to direct budget to the ones most likely to close sales.

Ready to use call tracking to improve your marketing campaigns?

Senior care businesses using our CareFunnels platform can streamline their inbound marketing strategies with call tracking. Plus, get all the most important communication in one place—enriched, organized, and automated to help you close more sales.

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