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Jason Chagnon
Jason ChagnonCEO & Founder
Brady Quick
Brady QuickSales Director & Partner
Rosalyn Hill
Rosalyn HillSenior Project Manager
Vanessa Shawyer
Vanessa ShawyerAccount Manager
Josh Aponte
Josh AponteMarketing Specialist
Patrick Ting
Patrick TingMarketing & PPC Specialist

Home care provides for the people we love.
We want our loved ones to
enjoy time with family and friends.
We want them to be safe and healthy.
We want them to age comfortably in their own homes.

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The meaning of our name: Providentia

Our company name, Providentia, is a Latin term for the word Provident. It means making careful provision for the future, and implies having or showing foresight.

From the idea that our loved ones want to remain in their homes as they grow older, and do so in a safe and healthy way, we derive our connection to home care and home health care. Aging comfortably at home requires careful planning and foresight, and often involves the assistance of in-home care providers.

We believe a home care provider should be chosen based on the quality of their services and the positive reputation they have earned. Our mission is to help the best home care and home health care companies get more clients through effective and affordable marketing.

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